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Rocket Scientist Training 


Here are a few of the sample routines the group has done to prepare for the Mt. Everest trek to base camp.  These have been interdispersed with individual workouts that each of us have been doing on our own time as well. 



Group Training


Routine 1:

1) Find 10 story building

2) Put 25 lbs on your back

3) Climb up stairs to top

4) Climb down stairs to bottom

5) Repeat 10 times (about 1500 ft climbing up, and 1500 ft down)


Routine 2:

1) Jog 1/2 mile

2) Sprint 100 meters, Jog 100 meters

3) Repeat step 2, 8 times

4) 200 meters of lunges

5) Put back against wall, and squat as if sitting in a chair

6) Calisthenics (crouch, extend legs, crouch, stand, jump, repeat 5 times)

7) Repeat steps 5 and 6, 4 more times

8) 1 minute in each step of the circuit: jump rope, 25 pound weight toss, face down rows, situps.  Repeat


Routine 3:

1) Jog 10 minutes warmup on treadmill

2) Increase speed, increase incline, Jog 45 seconds, rest 15 seconds

3) Repeat Step 2, ten times

4) 15 reps of squat, pick up medicine ball, jump onto step, lift ball over head, jump down, squat, replace ball, jump onto step

5) 15 reps of face down rows

6) 15 seconds holding weights in hands, bend at waist (back straight)

7) repeat steps 4-6, three times


Routine 4:

1) Run 3 miles

2) Walk 3 miles briskly wearing backpack loaded to 25+ lbs and hiking boots

3) Smile




Personal Training




I am training for the half marathon in St. Louis on April 6th as part of a St. Jude Heroes team.  I have been training in flat Houston so the hills in St. Louis will be a fun challenge!!







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